328-B Mell Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307 (map

Curtis Jere' "Birds In Flight" Sculpture
Large Starburst Wall Sculpture
Original Gouache Architectural Rendering
On hold
Max Bill Exhibition Poster, 1974
1970 Surrealist Oil on Canvas
Walter Stomps Geometric Acrylic on Canvas
Jimi Jones Acrylic on Canvas
Sunburst With Birds Wall Sculpture
Ben Smith Metallic Foil Lithograph, 1976
Karel Appel Serigraph
Roy Ahlgren Signed Serigraph
Brian Halsey Signed Serigraph
Carlo Rossi Watercolor
Original Carlo Rossi Watercolor Still Life
Dean Meeker signed "Icarus" Etching
Yaacov Agam Signed Serigraph
Brushed Steel Wall Sculpture
Richard Lindner Triptych
Lily Ryan Abstract Mixed Media
1970s Paul Chelko Abstract
Bob Click "Early One Morning" Serigraph
JB Thompson "Earth Pattern" Lithograph
Abstract Lithograph by Max Hellerman
Geometric Lithograph by A. Tamis
Abstract Geometric Lithograph by Rolf Rappaz
Monumental Floral Abstract by Eric Brenton, 1974
Yaacov Agam Gallery Poster, 1982
Carl Andree Davidt Original Art
Peter Milton "Street Scene", 1965
1956 Abstract Pier Oil on Board
Vincent DiGiacomo Oil on Canvas
Ronnie Crawford Oil on Canvas
1951 DiGiacomo Still Life on Board
Barbara Brozik Signed Serigraph
GG Kosch Abstract Print
Ruth Laxson Abstract Woodcut
Monumental Maria Vescial Oil on Canvas
C.1960 Abstract Mixed Media On Canvas
William Walmsley Signed Lithograph
Jim Mandle Chrome Sculpture
Gary Thompson Wall Sculpture
J.L. Duclos Oil On Canvas
Victor Vasarely Silkscreen
Frank Barry Still Life
Large Fabricated Metal Floral Sculpture
1970s Hard Edge Painting
Eve de Negri Oil on Board
Tim Meier Cityscape Watercolor
Large City/Bay with Bridge Painting
Herve' Baille Parisian Scenes
Joseph Perrin Pen + Ink
Abstract Painting on Canvas
Charley Harper "Gift Rapt" Serigraph
Acrobat Painting By Williamsom
1954 Oil on Board by F. Lesley
Vietnam Tribute Original Art By Penny Saunders
Evelyne Albert Graphic Painting
1970s Copper Sculpture
Chrome Dancers Sculpture
Bertoia Style Spray Sculpture
Original Architectural Rendering
Architectural Rendering in Gouache
1960s Abstract by Sharon Watson
Portrait of a Woman by Thea Wisser
Ilse Claesson Roempke Textile
Barbara Brozik "Why Not the Sun"
Modernist Landscape Oil on Board
Jim Dine Hand Signed Lithograph
Carol Summers "View from Home" Woodcut
Marimekko Fabric Panel
Augustin Ubeda Lithograph
Alexander Calder Lithograph, 1974
Marla Mallett Textile Weaving
Still Life Painting by Al Durham
Joan Miro Lithograph
1970s Multi-Woods Wall Sculpture
Curtis Jere' Brass Ribbon Sculpture
Henri Jova "Three Diagonals"
1956 Gino Severini Gallery Poster
Ben Smith Lithograph